Virgin Games Poker: Get into the Wild Rooms

Indeed, the name of an excellent online casino is the Virgin Games. Launched in the year 2004, the sustained growth of a casino is the proof of its reputation and credibility in offering impressive games. The licenses issued by the U.K. Gambling Commission, Government of Gibraltar, and Gibraltar Gaming Commissioner stipulate rigorous regulations. The casino has been complying with these conditions for offering the best services to the players.

If the Poker games stir your enthusiasm, come on let us find out more details, which might interest you. If popular Texas Hold’em poker satisfies you, the more innovative Wild Seat Poker is in store for you on the Virgin Games. The offers on the casino are quite impressive.

wild seat poker


There are many mystery payouts and fast action offers on the casino. Besides the regular offers, you can also expect customized promotional offers like weekly or in another periodicity. If you keep watching the Promotions page on the casino, you do not miss the special offers.


As a new player, you can claim an impressive welcome bonus with this promotional code.

You are eligible for Chip and a Chair bonus offer when you wager £1 on poker, and you are eligible to get the ticket for a tournament the following day.

You can also play the three-card Live with a minimum betting of GBP 1 and a maximum bet of 2,210.

Prize Money

While playing the games like the No Limit Texas Hold’em against three others, your prize money ranges from twice the buy-in to the jackpot amount of 10000x.

Wild Seat Poker

In the Wild Seat Poker tournament, the recipient of a payout would be a single winner while the loser would come to know what his prize money could have been if he is not eliminated.

After handing over two cards to each player, the dealer deals the community cards consisting of five cards and any player is entitled to use them. The objective is to make the best 5-card poker hand with a combination of the available seven cards, including the exclusive cards received.

The four betting rounds include the first one when you receive the first two cards, the second immediately after first three-cards is dealt. Subsequent betting can follow the 4th community card or the fifth and the final card.

When the betting round commences, you have a choice either to check or Bet. The subsequent player can either Fold or Match or Raise the bet. Once all the players complete their turn, the betting is over, further cards are dealt, and the betting continues. At the time of showdown of all the Matching hands, and the best hand wins the pot.

You can win the Hand either showing the best cards at the time of showdown or by making all other players to Fold.


The money paid by all the players goes to a prize pool. All the players will have the same chips at the start of the play until one player exhausts all the chips. The tournament continues until one player has all the chips.

The reputed casino offers fantastic games, including video poker games, which everyone will rejoice.

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